Matt Perez was recently awarded the Efroymson Bridge Year Fellowship from the University of Southern Indiana's Department of Art and Design. He has a couple projects in mind for his Fellowship year. The first of which is an art show this fall.
The Things that Occurred on the Dreamer's Day Out By: Jesse Rininger

PG hosted Thunder Dreamer’s release party on May 27th for their latest album "Capture." The album was the band’s first release under their newly signed label 6131 Records, and was a tonal step deeper into the symphonic trenches than previous records.
Dark Midwest Reggae Graces the Lamasco Stage By: Jake Bethel

Hitting the spring touring season hard, Tropidelic traveled through the Southeast in March and the West coast in April. Along the way shenanigans took place, as one should expect from such a raucous crew.


You Good?
By: Seth Baxter Ratcliffe

Depression and anxiety, like most human conditions, are commonly romanticized by Hollywood. The pseudo dysfunctional & forever lovable character that pulls at your heart strings. That just can't get their shit together. That keeps falling into the same trap. We’ve had the proclivity to love these characters, since the novel was a novel concept.
Hey Man, Slow Down: Anxiety in the Era of Trump
By: Carrick McDonald
He didn't say he was going to nuke Europe. He said he would be the last person to use nuclear weapons. But it's on the table. And from that moment on, I felt a sliver of anxiety run through me that never went away. I echo the sentiments of many observers where I don't think he has the temperament to be president...
Another Scarlet A By: Anonymous

Having two children would put us back onto government assistance. I would be putting off college yet again & perhaps forever. And my daughter, my born and thriving daughter, would have her life and her future changed significantly. I never had a doubt that this decision was the right one for me, or my family. I open the door and walk in.


Already three years in the making, DeAndre Wilson has built his business theoretically and intellectually from the ground up. His philosophy is one of pragmatism and planning things correctly so they stay that way. He and his business partner Jeff Gott have traveled to a few different cities around the United States to gain some food truck knowledge.
The Smog Surrounding Pocket City By: Jake Bethel

The Center for Public Integrity conducted a nine-month-long investigation into America’s super polluters last year and found a preponderance of toxic air around the tri-state area, more than any other city in 2014. The top 100 power plants accounted for more pollution than all of the cars registered in the United States in 2014.
Transcending Culture By: Kai Esty

For a trans woman living in a (relatively) small town in Southern Indiana, life is not simple. Or normal. Or privileged. This was a recurring theme throughout our conversation. But what they hoped to most convey to anyone who might be reading this – anyone who lives a "normal" life – is that even if you can't see past their gender or their outward appearance, try to remember that you're speaking to a person.