A Year of Hip Hop's (AYoHH) first full-length mixtape was born Jan. 27, 2018. The following is an account of that experience, from just a few of the creative minds that made this mixtape possible.
Artist Spotlight: Kenny DeMoss By: Rachel Terry

From his experience playing guitar at age 4, in church, to his teenage days in local punk bands (all through which his mother and grandmother were infinitely supportive,) Kenny, now 26, never wasted any time exploring his interest in music.
Artist Spotlight: Farrington By: Jake Bethel

Since 2015, Farrington has packed punk-friendly Evansville venues with their brand of grungy post-hardcore. Founding members Jared Applegate (vocals) and Andrew Pfender (drums) spoke with us on the band’s latest EP.
Artist Spotlight: McInto$h By: Rachel Terry

Already a loner in his younger days, Jorell McIntosh can recall staying up late by himself, in the 90’s, watching BET’s Rap City hosted by Joe Clair. These nights inspired him to write his first verses on prescription pads left around the house by his mother, who was often busy working on her master’s program in psychiatry.
Artist Spotlight: Torn Confidence By: Jake Bethel

Once the weather warms up, people driving through the tiny town of Lynnville with their windows down could be blessed with a muffled blast of metalcore emanating from a basement off of Main Street.
Artist Spotlight: Wayside Palmistry By: Rachel Terry

Creative minds collided when Joey Lee Cox, an Evansville native, moved to Newburgh after his family’s short stay in Detroit. Here he met Newburgh native Corey Hill, while attending high school. The two immediately connected through music, and began collaborating with pots and pans and anything they could get their hands on.


On "Meth Heads"
By: Carrick McDonald

A friend of mine, one of my very best, used to tell me these stories about his eccentric uncle and their friends. Extreme types who were absolutely on a different wavelength, without drugs. Something about living in small towns induces a kind of externalized, bizarre restlessness.
Death Positivity
By: Ash Claise
Don't get me wrong, preplanning your funeral arrangements and getting your Living Will/Advance Healthcare Directive notarized and filed at any age is one of the most important things you can do, not only for your own peace of mind, but for the peace of mind of your family when the time of your passing occurs (and it will).
Prisoner Support By: L

I believe there is something to be learned from every person you come in contact with. My experience with prisoner support stretches over a period of time since I was a teenager, as my friends and comrades became incarcerated, as they entered into lifetimes of legal jargon and stigma after release.
Motion Sick Lawnmower Man By: Nick Durcholz

For a little more coin than the typical gaming console ($399) one can don the chunky, but comfortable headset that provides headspace upheaval. This is not an over-dramatization folks. It is unlike any experience I've had in my 32 years on this planet…


Twenty-five-year-old entrepreneur Cassaundra Laine is the owner and operator of Mystic Hand Letterpress & Design. If you aren't familiar with her business, you've most likely seen her work; she's branded and designed logos for a multitude of small businesses in Evansville and the surrounding areas.
Business Spotlight: PG By: Carrick McDonald

After playing a show in Evansville in late 2011, Todd Huber noticed a run-down but appealing building on the lot next to where his brother was working on opening the Tin Man Brewery. "They were just planning on tearing it down for more parking," but Todd saw the potential in it.